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Why CourseCloud?


Coursecloud came about because of a need that our customers had: to be able to sell courses simply, and without making students learn an LMS in order to learn. Most LMS's are built around managing students, and we thought it was time to focus on the true business drive: commercialising courses.

We developed CourseCloud ourselves, incorporating the most complete SCORM support through industry partners, payment gateway support through Paypal, and a flexible reporting and support structure. It won't take a degree to get started, and you can be selling courses almost immediately. You will require SCORM content for the actual course, and if you don't have it we can put you in touch with experienced content providers.


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What people are saying about Course Cloud

  "We have been successfully using Course Cloud for several years now to deliver our online training courses and are extremely happy with it. The software is well thought out, easy to use, reliable and offers us all of the features our business needs at an affordable price. Most importantly to us, the feedback we get from learners completing their training on Course Cloud has been exceptional.

With ongoing customer-base driven features, an understanding of our business needs and product support that is second to none, I have complete confidence in the online training solutions Course Cloud have provided to us."
Julie Aldridge
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